NannySTAT provides a comprehensive service for you to find, guide and monitor, a care giver for your child, house, pet and elderly. It allows you to have the important information in the profile and schedule area, so that the care giver can know what is expected of their work. This helps them tremendously in providing the best care. As they do the task, you can monitor the work and have the peace of mind that the excellent care is being provided.

Family babysitting, no problem. NannySTAT gives the ability for them to know about the child and their schedule so that you can attend to what you need to do, and not have to explain every little detail to them.

Everyone has been in the situation of the nanny calling in and not coming, at the last moment. NannySTAT gives the ability for you to find a nanny / care giver, at the last moment and have them the right information readily available, to provide care in the best way.

Got a call from a coach or a doctor, needing to know something about the child, and you not there, no problem. NannySTAT allows you to keep an updated family and child profile and gives you the ability to forward it as an e mail or text, to the person you want, like a teacher, coach, doctor or a police officer.

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